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Social Abstinence

So my good friend, actor and comedian,  Blaze Mancillas started up a podcast, called SOCIAL ABSTINENCE with BLAZE MANCILLAS, where he takes Monday - Friday off of all social media platforms, and then we catch him up on whats been trending over the course of the week.  It's a great listen and an interesting social experiment.  I've guest-hosted a few episodes, and I'll be back on March 24th.

You can check out my most recent stint, Ep 13 Blaze and The Bachelor, where we discuss ABC's the Bachelor and get in touch with our softer sides.

All episodes are available on SoundCloud, PlayerFM, and the Apple Store.  They're a great listen! So check them out and, and if you dig them , or not, give us a review.

This Saturday, the 18th, he'll be joined by TV star Anson Mount.  I'm excited to check it out.