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Blast from the past

This popped up through YouTube last week, and it's fun, so I thought I'd share it:

Back in 2001, my very good friend from high school, Matt Martinez, and myself took a film making class at American River College.  Our assignment over the semester was to write, direct and act in three short films with a small group of our classmates.

Matt and I were on each other's nerves one day and, inspired, our first project "Kick Ass" (which starts around the 7:50 mark) was born.  Our group sort of fleshed out the characters over our montage piece (starting at 4:30; continued at 11:00).

After the class everybody went they're separate ways, but Matt and I never again heard from our classmate Brad after class as he had almost immediately moved back home to Texas.

Imagine my surprise when I saw last week, the following film, Per Stirpes , in it's re-edited with new content glory.

All of our footage was never intended to be viewed outside of that class, but if you are interested in seeing my nineteen-year-old self and some amazing bleached tips beat up my best friend, it's worth a click.

As KK Moggie would say, "Own it."