Ryan Nicolls

Actor . Writer . Producer


This past Summer, I had the incredible opportunity to work on an indie feature with some incredible artists.  The film is called Sleepwalkers (you may have seen some BTS photos in the gallery!) and the Kickstarter page has just gone live today.

We wrapped principle photography in mid-August and the the post-production team has been working to get a theatrical edit ready to begin submitting to festivals around the country.  This is where you can help out!!!

Right now we're looking for funds to hire a professional color-corrector and sound engineer to take an already beautifully shot film and bump the quality up to the next level.  We're also looking for a little help to pay our composer, who has done some amazing work.

Please check out the page; watch the video and get a glimpse of some of the footage from the movie; donate (if it excites you); and please help us promote the Kickstarter Drive  by adding a like or a share.

Here's the link to the Kickstarter page!