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Becky Lou's Song - MUSIC!!!

I had the opportunity recently to work again with the incredibly talented Maridee Slater on her Columbia Thesis production The Tooth of Crime.  I played the bass for her in the band. Now, if you're like everyone else in my life lately, the question, "Ryan, you play guitar?" probably just popped into your mind, or, if you have the habit of speaking out loud in front of the computer, audibly escaped from you.  Totally forgiven, because I've been asked this question by close friends who've been over to my apartment and seen the myriad of instruments that are in the living room, and even by closer friends that have actually seen me play a guitar... in public.

Anyway, this is a proof, or it didn't happen sort of thing, and as luck would have it, the photographer never took pictures of the band... despite the fact that we were onstage... for early 110 minutes.  What can you do?

Libby Matthews as Beck Lou and Javan Lee Nelson as Hoss in The Tooth of Crime

Libby Matthews as Beck Lou and Javan Lee Nelson as Hoss in The Tooth of Crime

While I don't have pictures to satisfy your need of visual evidence, I do have a picture of Libby Matthews who played Becky Lou and a bootleg of Becky Lou's Song from Tech Week.  Maridee named the band Monochrome Filter... because she loves Instagram?

Monochrome Filter is:

Ryan Hopper - Guitar

Ryan Nicolls - Bass

Tre D'Ambrocia - Drums

Xandra Clark - Violin

Marianne Ciasulli - Keyboard

Ethan Forrest Wagner - Musical Overlord

Becky Lou's Song: lyrics by Sam Shepard; music by Jillie May Eddie