Ryan Nicolls

Actor . Writer . Producer

Stockholm Savings

So FringeNYC came and went.  I had a wonderful time with the Cast & Crew of Stockholm Savings, and now that it's all over and I'm over the obligatory cold that comes right after the closing of a show, I thought I'd share some of the good news from the show.

*STOCKHOLM SAVINGS was Venue #2's Fringe Favorite, although we weren't able to perform that show due to a performance space scheduling conflict... :-/

*We also won the FringeNYC 2015 Award for Overall Excellence in the Ensemble category which was icing on the cake of some of the stellar reviews that we received as a cast.

*And Michael Block from THEATREINTHENOW.COM also praised the ensemble and had this to say about me:

As head robber Adam, Ryan Nicolls gave a full forced performance. He brought force but deep within was heart and humility. There was control in his performance despite the character quickly unraveling. For once, you sympathized with the bad guy.